About Us

We are Parth Parivahan - one of the leading companies in transportation service providers. With experience of over 20 years and our existing infrastructures and owned assets, supported by team of experts, we strive to provide best-in class services for our customers, to support their business and assist them in gaining competitive advantages by streamlining their transportation requirements.

We undertake wide range of transportation services such as full truck & tempo load transportation. We specialize in landslide operations for handling containers and project material. Our skilled and proficient team of experts operates haulage services for containers and general cargo.


To be the first choice for all Goods and Cargo transportation services with top-notch Customer Service.


To design, build and deliver flexible, integrated, best-in-class and cost effective transportation solutions.



Best Turnaround Time as per industry standard:

We have been constantly improving our competencies to develop an edge for delivering goods to our customers in time critical manner. This helps us to keep our time commitments and provide best turnaround time as per industry standard.

Pay-as-you-go on selected routes:

With our special part-load services, we provide our customers with an option of paying only for the space occupancy in the fleet that result in cost saving for our customers.

100% Safe and Secure delivery:

We assist in coordinating and supervising the unloading and loading out of shipments. We provide safe and secure door-to-door transportation services.

Constant Updates:

Constant communications with drivers enables us to monitor a shipments progress from pick up to delivery. By combining the best fleet tracking technologies and our communication channels we provide constant updates to our customers about the status of their goods.

We customise services to the needs of each client.

We understand that each client and their shipments have different needs and requirements. We support our clients by customising our services to their advantage and delivering goods on-time and in full.